Origins of Air Raiders, Part 5

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. It’s a breakdown of some of the original documents the Air Raiders creator, Steve Reiss, shared with me including the original back story and vehicle concepts. Here are previous installments:Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2Origins of Air Raiders,…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 5

Air Raiders in the News

No, nothing that new but some interesting articles from 1987 talking briefly about Air Raiders. First is one from Battlegrip, titled Toy Executives Going Back to Basics for ’87. On February 15, 1987, the Hartford Courant wrote an article about the 1987 New York Toy Fair and the expected hits of the year. It mentions…… Continue reading Air Raiders in the News

Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Three – Bigger Is Better!

A continuation of fan ideas for relaunching the Air Raiders. Airlandia: Next up is airraiders1987, webmaster of the Air Raiders fan site that actually inspired this site). He did a great job meticulously collecting all the information out there about our favorite toy line. airraiders1987: Air Raiders is one of the great untapped and short…… Continue reading Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Three – Bigger Is Better!

Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2

In my previous post, I showed a folder with various notes on a cartoon pitch for Air Raiders by Sunbow. The inside of the folder had some amazing art plastered across the whole spread. The style is not reminiscent of what they used on the box art and other areas, it’s more like a comic…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2