More Air Raiders Advertising

I posted a few old newspaper ads for Air Raiders toys recently (here), so here’s a few more! The first come from and show some cool drawings of the Thunderhammer, Thunderclaw and Wind Seeker. Granted, they were obviously traced but they still look nice. I really like the sketchy quality of the Thunderclaw and…… Continue reading More Air Raiders Advertising

Air Raiders Advertising

I found some old advertising for Air Raiders toys. Unfortunately the original scans aren’t great but looking at the prices and what other toys were selling alongside them is interesting. The first three are from the Baltimore Sun and the last three are from the Akron Journal. My favorite is the 1st one from the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Advertising

Air Raiders in the News

No, nothing that new but some interesting articles from 1987 talking briefly about Air Raiders. First is one from Battlegrip, titled Toy Executives Going Back to Basics for ’87. On February 15, 1987, the Hartford Courant wrote an article about the 1987 New York Toy Fair and the expected hits of the year. It mentions…… Continue reading Air Raiders in the News