Air Raiders Illustrator

Finally! I was super excited when recently unearthed the artist that was responsible for the awesome Airlandia battle scene that was used quite a bit in the marketing and packaging for the toy line. Over the years, I had spent a decent amount of time searching for clues and asking former employees the identity…… Continue reading Air Raiders Illustrator

Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

There was a recent post about some Warlords of Wor/Glyos figures that a toy enthusiast had painted to look like Air Raiders (see here). Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have a peg & socket joint system that makes them…… Continue reading Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

Storm Dagger Prototype!

A while back, we had a post showing recent ebay listings of Air Raider vehicles. Each vehicle had various pieces with different plastic colors. The seller, a former Hasbro employee, said the different plastics were made for salesman to use on the road or were older prototypes that just simply switched colors.We also saw an…… Continue reading Storm Dagger Prototype!

Custom Air Raiders

Someone named Jestermon posted a custom Air Raiders rebel soldier recently. He made it using part of a Mega Construx figure from the Master of the Universe series. As near as I can tell, the torso is from a Man-at-Arms figure but he may have swapped out the head, arms and legs from somewhere else.…… Continue reading Custom Air Raiders

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 4

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. Here are previous installments: Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3 Last post saw us go over the original background story for the Air Raiders (or Air Masters) in the Pacific Ocean.…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 4

Product Designer Art on ebay

So a seller recently posted a small lot of Command Outpost drawings on ebay. The lot was for sale a few years ago (see here) and I posted the low-res art and tried to read as much of the notes as I could.  Unfortunately the resolution was not great on the photos. Sales info here:…… Continue reading Product Designer Art on ebay