Air Raiders in the News

4 thoughts on “Air Raiders in the News

  1. I know I’m still heartbroken that we never got a Military Armistice Negotiation Playset for GI Joe. Hawk, Duke, Cobra Commander and Destro could have sat comfortably and negotiated for hours. What kid wouldn’t want to re-enact that kind of deep, meaningful negotiation?

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  2. Haha! That’s great (and pertinent) cool material. The last article reads like recycled paranoia about D&D seen in the earlier 80’s. Wow did Hasbro ever pull back on the promotional side of things, imagine if Air Raiders had a better chance at becoming a big line (they had all the good stuff, just not the promotion).

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    1. Yeah, agreed on the D&D reference. I didn’t play it until college but I remember being a kid and hearing about “that game.”
      And I actually found a fantastic article that does a good job answering your question. I’ll be posting it soon!


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