Air Raiders Intro Commercial

Hey folks, I wanted to look through the commercials that were done for the toy line and see if there was anything interesting to note. I’ll start with the introduction commercial for the toys. It’s coming soon. The world where everything runs on air. So air is more precious than gold! But in Airlandia, the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Intro Commercial

Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Last session was about the beautiful folder the kit came in, today is focused on colored line art for the various vehicles! The images were printed nice and sharp by Hasbro and I scanned them in at a good resolution. They all have basics flat colors but what’s interesting is they actually broke down the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Product Designer Art on ebay

So a seller recently posted a small lot of Command Outpost drawings on ebay. The lot was for sale a few years ago (see here) and I posted the low-res art and tried to read as much of the notes as I could.  Unfortunately the resolution was not great on the photos. Sales info here:…… Continue reading Product Designer Art on ebay

Air Raiders T-shirt!

Hey folks! One of the things that’s always disappointed me is that there are no options to buy Air Raiders shirts or any other swag. Well, I’m hoping to change that! I’ve recently created some designs on a site that allows you to make t-shirts, mugs, bags and a few other options, even towels! The…… Continue reading Air Raiders T-shirt!

Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

I just some odds and ends notes that I wanted to share about two Product Designers who worked on the toy line. Bill Cooke, designer of the second series Scout Patrol (see here) also mentioned how he helped create the rebel Command Outpost. I design developed and sculpted the mountain in clay then made a…… Continue reading Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2

In my previous post, I showed a folder with various notes on a cartoon pitch for Air Raiders by Sunbow. The inside of the folder had some amazing art plastered across the whole spread. The style is not reminiscent of what they used on the box art and other areas, it’s more like a comic…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2

Command Outpost Prototype, Part 2

Big thanks to G1Hexatron at the Air Raiders fan page for providing some additional shots of Air Raider sketches that were up on ebay a while back. I covered some of the sketches that were there but the seller did not have photos of all of them. Here’s the rest of them, starting with another…… Continue reading Command Outpost Prototype, Part 2

Box Filecards

Replicant01 (from board) dug through his amazing collection of Air Raiders toys and scanned in all the filecards on the back of the packaging. A big thank you for that because they’re not all online and I doubt I could have tracked them all down, especially the Man-O-War box. Which reminds me, I never…… Continue reading Box Filecards

Faction Symbols

Gi Joe and Cobra. Autobots and Decepticons. Thundercats and Mumm-Ra. These are all successful franchises and they all have really cool symbols representing the sides of good and evil. This is something lacking with the Air Raiders, which is odd considering the work they put into making their own rune alphabet (that’s another post) and…… Continue reading Faction Symbols

It’s Tosche Station and We Can Get Those Power Converters!

Okay, this is just a quick post because I came across a custom Star Wars build someone did. It’s basically a repaint but it’s neat to see a Command Outpost used for another toyline. The Outpost does look like something you’d find on Tatooine and heck, the Jawas kinda fit in it. I’d love to…… Continue reading It’s Tosche Station and We Can Get Those Power Converters!