Air Raiders T-shirt — the Hawkwind!

Hey all, I figured since I did several shirts for the Command Outpost (see post here) that I’d do one for the bad guys too. The general feeling I get is that people seem to like the Hawkwind the best (for good reason!) so I decided to go in that direction. Check it out here!…… Continue reading Air Raiders T-shirt — the Hawkwind!

Tecco Toys, Part 5, the Kickstarter!

We last talked about Tecco Toys in January.  Here are the previous installments: Tecco Toys, Part One Tecco Toys, Part Two Tecco Toys, Part Three Tecco Toys, Part Four The company has been working on a line of toys consisting of 2″ figures, same size as Air Raiders, along with some incredible mechs. The plan…… Continue reading Tecco Toys, Part 5, the Kickstarter!

Air Raiders Fan Art — The Wind Talon

In a continuing series on fan art, replicant01 and I have been commissioning art for vehicles and figures from the canceled 1988 toys and also from sketches and other reference we come across. This time around is a vehicle designed by former Hasbro designer, David McDonald (see the interview here). For additional fan art, look here:Power…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art — The Wind Talon

Air Raiders Fan Art, Part 2

There was an earlier post (here) discussing some cool fan art posted by Andrew Cosson, the operator of a great Facebook fansite, Air Raiders. The art included head shots of an Air Raider Warrior, an Enforcer, Lieutenant Noble and Commander Dregs. Well, some of that art is up for sale on ebay for those who…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art, Part 2

Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

There was a recent post about some Warlords of Wor/Glyos figures that a toy enthusiast had painted to look like Air Raiders (see here). Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have a peg & socket joint system that makes them…… Continue reading Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

Custom Air Raiders

Someone named Jestermon posted a custom Air Raiders rebel soldier recently. He made it using part of a Mega Construx figure from the Master of the Universe series. As near as I can tell, the torso is from a Man-at-Arms figure but he may have swapped out the head, arms and legs from somewhere else.…… Continue reading Custom Air Raiders

General Stag

Andrew Cosson (see his talented work here) did a great head shot of the General Stag figure I posted a while back (left). From his site: General Stag an unproduced character figure for the Hasbro line Air Raiders. Gen. Stag had no colors so I took the liberty of my own choice bases on the…… Continue reading General Stag

Air Raiders T-shirt!

Hey folks! One of the things that’s always disappointed me is that there are no options to buy Air Raiders shirts or any other swag. Well, I’m hoping to change that! I’ve recently created some designs on a site that allows you to make t-shirts, mugs, bags and a few other options, even towels! The…… Continue reading Air Raiders T-shirt!