A New Year

Greetings Fellow Airlandians, It’s been a good year here. I’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow fans and we’ve seen the Facebook community start to grow. I had the opportunity to share some amazing stuff like the Wind Reaper prototype, the Gatling prototype and interviews with Dan Price; one of the production designer MVPs of…… Continue reading A New Year

Air Raiders Inspiration

Every once in a while I run across a talented artist whose work could really mesh well for some Air Raiders-style artwork. Pascal Blanche does a wonderful job creating these exotic landscapes with lots of cosmic dust and bright stars. His vehicle design is really interesting too, I love that submarine spaceship. Anyways, I hoped…… Continue reading Air Raiders Inspiration

Early Air Raiders Box Art

Big thanks to airraiders1987 (from the Air Raiders fan site that actually inspired this site) for sharing this pre-production box art photo. Someone had approached him to see if he knew of any potential buyers (the art eventually ended up in the San Diego Comic Con auction). The artwork seem to be more like color…… Continue reading Early Air Raiders Box Art

Don’t Fear the Reaper!

One of my favorite toys is the Man-O-War. How could you not love this massive tank that’s bristling with guns, cannons and all sorts of neat gimmicks like the floating orb sensor and the scout car that launches from below? It’s an amazing vehicle and certainly one-of-a-kind. It always interested me that there wasn’t a…… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Reaper!

Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2

In my previous post, I showed a folder with various notes on a cartoon pitch for Air Raiders by Sunbow. The inside of the folder had some amazing art plastered across the whole spread. The style is not reminiscent of what they used on the box art and other areas, it’s more like a comic…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 2

The Lords of the Winds — Barons Ee-lon and Modrex

As mentioned in an earlier post, Replicant01 and I had wanted to commission some artwork involving the world of Airlandia. We had received the sketches and color proofs for the Emperor and Barons Jolt and Sunder. Now we waited for the final two minions of Aerozar; the self-indulgent Ee-lon and the belligerent Modrex. Along with… Continue reading The Lords of the Winds — Barons Ee-lon and Modrex