Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Last session was about the beautiful folder the kit came in, today is focused on colored line art for the various vehicles! The images were printed nice and sharp by Hasbro and I scanned them in at a good resolution. They all have basics flat colors but what’s interesting is they actually broke down the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. Here are previous installments: Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2 Here’s the early story pitch for Air Raiders, back when Steve Reiss first created the concept and it was called Air Masters. First off, it takes place…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3

Air Raiders in the News

No, nothing that new but some interesting articles from 1987 talking briefly about Air Raiders. First is one from Battlegrip, titled Toy Executives Going Back to Basics for ’87. On February 15, 1987, the Hartford Courant wrote an article about the 1987 New York Toy Fair and the expected hits of the year. It mentions…… Continue reading Air Raiders in the News

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1

I was fortunate to speak briefly with Steve Reiss, former Hasbro Senior Design Director for Boys Toys. He has a long history of toy design, starting at Tyco Toys and then moving on to Playskool before they were bought out by Hasbro in 1984. As a Director, he was head of 15 designers working on…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1

Air Raiders Ebay Watch

Ugh, I hate when something slips by me on ebay. I’ve been on the lookout for an Air Raiders coloring book that I’ve seen posted on Pinterest. It’s titled “Inside Airlandia” and has a drawing of the Thunderhammer on the cover. I get a kick out of the fact it’s launching a missile from the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Ebay Watch

Air Raiders 5-Pack Artwork

So a short while ago I found some Air Raiders box art (here) and included in the art was a picture of Lieutenant Noble and his squad of men. The art was different from anything I’d seen before so I wasn’t sure if it was just a color study or perhaps an older version of…… Continue reading Air Raiders 5-Pack Artwork

The Cities of Airlandia

The box insert, “The Cities of Airlandia” has some cool art and information to share. First off, it mentions giant cities that have been built across the Airlandian landscape, owned and controlled by Aerozar. They have “all the hustle and bustle one would expect to find in any Earth city.” The citizens ride Sky Glider…… Continue reading The Cities of Airlandia

Air Raiders Survival Kit

In 1987, Hasbro had an offer for kids; get your $6.00 (and $1.50 in shipping) together along with your parent’s signatures and YOU can be the proud owner of the Air Raiders Survival Kit! The Survival Kit came with two special figures (Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt), a map of the planet Airlandia, a glider,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit