Return of the Wind Reaper

It’s been fun to come across old sketches, prototypes and and other special stuff related to the Air Raiders. Sometimes though, it leaves me wanting more. In this case, I’m talking about the Wind Reaper, the Tyrant’s answer to the Man-O-War. Now, replicant01 and I have already done some art commissions (here and here and…… Continue reading Return of the Wind Reaper

A New Year

Greetings Fellow Airlandians, It’s been a good year here. I’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow fans and we’ve seen the Facebook community start to grow. I had the opportunity to share some amazing stuff like the Wind Reaper prototype, the Gatling prototype and interviews with Dan Price; one of the production designer MVPs of…… Continue reading A New Year

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1

I was fortunate to speak briefly with Steve Reiss, former Hasbro Senior Design Director for Boys Toys. He has a long history of toy design, starting at Tyco Toys and then moving on to Playskool before they were bought out by Hasbro in 1984. As a Director, he was head of 15 designers working on…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1

Air Raiders Collector Convert

Airlandia: Recently, I’ve been sharing posts from fans about how to relaunch the Air Raiders brand. Community support and sharing is fun and I hope to do more. In that vein, I got a great story from Heli who could no longer resist the pull of collecting Air Raiders after passing on them in the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Collector Convert

Air Raiders Ebay Watch — Factory Cases

This was a first (for me at least). A seller has posted several cases of Air Raiders vehicles. One has the Air Raider Battle Chasers, six of the Storm Dagger and six of the Thunderclaw. The other has the Tyrant Battle Chasers, six of the Wind Seeker and six of the Wind Razor. Each box…… Continue reading Air Raiders Ebay Watch — Factory Cases

Air Raiders Enforcer

This is a short week here in America due to Thanksgiving, so I have very little time to publish something; however I did come across this picture which reminded me of a recent post about plastic. A poster named notpicard added this pic of a Tyrants of Wind Enforcer on Hoardar. air raiders test shot…… Continue reading Air Raiders Enforcer