Air Raiders Art

Some cool Air Raiders transparencies are up on ebay (here and here). They include one of the more well known illustrations for the toy line; used in marketing, packaging and catalogs. There’s also a rare piece that was never used as far as I can tell, although replicant01 had a proof of it. From the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Art

The Cities of Airlandia

The box insert, “The Cities of Airlandia” has some cool art and information to share. First off, it mentions giant cities that have been built across the Airlandian landscape, owned and controlled by Aerozar. They have “all the hustle and bustle one would expect to find in any Earth city.” The citizens ride Sky Glider…… Continue reading The Cities of Airlandia

Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

  So there’s been quite a few prototypes posted on ebay lately. We’ve already seen an Enforcer as well as pilots for the Twin Lightning and Hawkwind. Up next is another figure but this one is pretty exciting. It’s a soldier from the second series of canceled Air Raider toys, one of the new Enforcer…… Continue reading Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

Air Raiders Survival Kit

In 1987, Hasbro had an offer for kids; get your $6.00 (and $1.50 in shipping) together along with your parent’s signatures and YOU can be the proud owner of the Air Raiders Survival Kit! The Survival Kit came with two special figures (Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt), a map of the planet Airlandia, a glider,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit

Second Series Art Commission

I was super excited by the discovery of the canceled second series of Air Raiders toys (discussed here). So much so that replicant01 and I decided to commission some art for the squad officers found in that picture. We had already commissioned some art for the Lords of Wind, the five tyrannical rulers of Airlandia…… Continue reading Second Series Art Commission

Air Raider Prototype Figures, Part 2

Some more figure prototypes, similar to this one, are up on ebay. They are the Twin Lightning officer, Commander Airlocke and the Hawkwind officer, Commodore Kronax. Both are unfortunately damaged as both lost their right arm! Kronax seems to have lost part of his helmet horn too. The figures can be found here and here.…… Continue reading Air Raider Prototype Figures, Part 2