Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

I just some odds and ends notes that I wanted to share about two Product Designers who worked on the toy line. Bill Cooke, designer of the second series Scout Patrol (see here) also mentioned how he helped create the rebel Command Outpost. I design developed and sculpted the mountain in clay then made a…… Continue reading Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2

Yesterday I posted the custom Air Raiders figure that was beefed up to a 7″ tall Master of the Universe Classic size (see here). Today, the Tyrants of Wind get a turn! Here’s the nefarious Enforcer Squad member who has joined Team Hordak. “During the Battle for the Aero Aegis the valiant Stratos and his…… Continue reading He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2

Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype

I came across a Facebook page run by Bill Cooke, a former Product Designer for Hasbro. He had a few comments dedicated to the Air Raiders, including this interesting post: Does anyone remember Air Raiders made by Hasbro? I design developed and made this working model in the late 80’s while at Hasbro in the…… Continue reading Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype