Early Air Raiders Box Art

Big thanks to airraiders1987 (from the Air Raiders fan site that actually inspired this site) for sharing this pre-production box art photo. Someone had approached him to see if he knew of any potential buyers (the art eventually ended up in the San Diego Comic Con auction).

The artwork seem to be more like color studies that include pictures of the Hawkwind, Wind Razor and the Battle Squad. The vehicle art looks close to the final production but the Battle Squad picture changed drastically. The layout of the art is similar to the horizontal box art used for the vehicles rather than the vertical design for the final figures set. Lieutenant Noble is in the forefront, ready for battle but it’s the older pre-production figure that looked more like the foot soldiers, not the red officer uniform.

Battle squad 2

This art, more than the others, makes me suspect that Richard Marcej created these. It really looks like his style.

There’s also some notes scrawled on the side. One says to make the missile more prominent on the Hawkwind and I can’t quite make out what the other one says.


air Battle Squad

Wind Razor hawkwind

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