Custom Air Raiders Vehicles, Part 2

Just a follow up on my last post (here), I sent a few questions to Oscar Torres (see his site here) about his project because I’m always curious about 3D printers and other ways to expand on Air Raiders.

Airlandia: What was this project for? Did someone hire you or were you just tinkering with a new design?
Oscar: I was doing this on my own for practice and for fun.
Airlandia: Do you ever intend to offer it for sale?

Oscar: I never intended to sell it, but if people wanted it I would have made copies for them and additional designs.
Airlandia: Are these all 3D printed pieces or were some taken from other models?
Oscar: These are all 3D printed pieces, except for the purple figures. I was experimenting with other vehicles and to see if I can complete what I made on paper.
Airlandia: Did you ever plan to expand upon the idea? It looks like something you can add or take away parts (engines, wheels, weapons, etc.) to make quite a few different vehicles.
Oscar: I didn’t plan on extending the idea I made it so it can be produced reasonably easy, and to assemble. It was a proof of concept. No sales on the vehicles so I stopped and was doing other projects.
Airlandia: How long did you work on this?
Oscar: I worked on it for maybe 3 weeks. It was a while ago so the exact timeline is sketchy.
Airlandia: Just out of curiosity, do you have a ballpark figure if I hired you to do a Air Raiders vehicle (similar size and detail let’s say) from scratch?
Oscar: I’m not sure on pricing until I see the sketches and complexity, because it can vary. I’d be working on them for a week so I would charge around $20 per hour or $700 for the week of work.
Thanks, Oscar!

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