Air Raiders Sculptor

This will be a short post today but I stumbled across an artist’s website who did work on the Air Raiders. His name is Jesse Nolan and he is a sculptor who created a variety of toys over the years ranging from WWF wrestlers to GI Joe to COPS. I always thought Bill Merklein, famed for doing 70 figures in the GI Joe line, was responsible for sculpting the Air Raiders figures. According to Nolan’s website, he sculpted the Battle Squad foot soldier, probably the most recognized figure in the toy line (I’m very curious if this black and white photo is the original wax model).


Sadly, I have not been able to get in contact with Mr. Nolan to ask a few questions about the process so we’re stuck with very little to go with. However, I always find it interesting to learn which designer or artist created what part of the toy line. He also has a cool story/bio up on his site which goes over the work he’s done and how he did it. It’s worth checking out.


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