Storm Dagger Packaging Art

Storm Dagger

Wow, check this ebay link out!

It’s the pre-production art for the Storm Dagger packaging (go to link or scroll below). We’ve seen something similar before but the photos are a lot better quality. Sadly there are no design notes or other details to go off of.

As you can see, they went in a different artistic direction, especially with the colors going from yellow, purples and a surprising sky blue to more golds and oranges. Purple was used in other art but they must have still been working out the look of Airlandia at this point.

It’s interesting that the artist even put in some of the sticker details.The artist is unknown but my guess would either be Doug Hart or Richard Marcej. It’s also dated 12/15/86, roughly 8-9 months before the launch of the toy line.

Here’s the seller’s note:

Included is an original concept painting. This example was purchased directly from a former employee of the company. This was created in 1986 as a concept for the final packaging artwork.  There was only one concept painted ever created for this vehicle and this is it.  Achieved in gauche, air brush and other mediums this original painting was completed on illustration board and then mounted to a larger, presentation board. An amazing find, original concept paintings rarely surface for sale on the public collector market.  This would have amazing wall power once matted and framed. This has never been in general circulation prior to this auction.

It’s wonderful to see this was preserved. It can be yours for $2850!

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