Air Raiders Advertising

I found some old advertising for Air Raiders toys. Unfortunately the original scans aren’t great but looking at the prices and what other toys were selling alongside them is interesting. The first three are from the Baltimore Sun and the last three are from the Akron Journal. My favorite is the 1st one from the Akron Journal. I suspect by the layout that it’s a Toys R Us/KB Toys flyer but can’t be sure. I was interested to see if there was a slow progression of price drops as Hasbro (and/or the stores) lost confidence in the toys but outside of being constantly discounted, they seem pretty stable. GI Joe and He-Man are discounted too, but I’m not sure where late 1987 puts them in their life cycle. The only sign of things to come is the Click Family Stores having a 50% sale on November 13. You got to love ’80s pricing too, a Man-O-War for $25!

Enjoy, I’m hoping to post more of these soon. Don’t forget to like us on our Facebook page found here!





The_Akron_Beacon_Journal_Sun__Oct_4__1987_   The_Akron_Beacon_Journal_Sun__Nov_13__1988_ The_Akron_Beacon_Journal_Thu__Dec_10__1987_

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