Pre-production Art on Ebay, part 2

Hey folks, looks like there’s some familiar art up on ebay right now. It’s a transparency of the classic all-out battle for Airlandia that we see used on most Air Raiders packaging and marketing products. This was actually just for sale last year (see here). Sadly, I did not save the final sale info because…… Continue reading Pre-production Art on Ebay, part 2

Air Raiders Cartoon Ad

Check this out! A Jem fan named truly_truly_truly_outrageous posted an advert on their Instagram account. V I N T A G E trade advert from 1987 for JEM and Transformers being the top two rated kids shows in weekend animation and introducing Air Raiders which never made it into a tv show. You just can’t…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon Ad

Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Two – To Theme or Not to Theme?

A continuation of fan ideas for relaunching the Air Raiders. Airlandia: Next up is balok (from baloksblog), who has a treasure trove of cool toys, many in the Air Raiders scale or smaller and he takes a lot of pictures with interesting  poses, perspectives and cool background sets. balok: Rather than reinvent the Air Raiders,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Two – To Theme or Not to Theme?

Relaunch the Air Raiders!

Hey folks! So I’ve wanted to increase the online Air Raider community and get people talking again about our favorite toy line again. To that end I asked several Air Raiders fan with knowledge and passion for the toys to write up a post that would essentially sum up what they would do with the…… Continue reading Relaunch the Air Raiders!

Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 3

Big thanks to airraiders1987 (from the Air Raiders fan site that actually inspired this site) for sharing this promo art for the Air Raiders cartoon that he received from a former worker associated with the production. Their email said: “Came across your site and it jarred loose a memory or two. In the late 80’s,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 3