Air Raiders Advertising, Part 2

Continuing the posting of old advertisements for the Air Raiders (see here), here’s a few from the The Des Moines Register, Chicago Tribune, and The Times out of Shreveport, Louisiana. The Times is first, dated November 18, 1987, and I’m amused that they lumped a Cobra Sea Ray from GI Joe in the space provided. They also seem to refer to the two sides of the toy conflict as “Battles or Tyrants.” Love those GUTS graphics too!

Next is the Register and we see an advertisement dated November 15, 1987 for Children’s Palace, a store I never saw in my area as a kid. We had KB Toys, Toys R Us and for a short time, Child World. I wish these pages were in color! The second page is dated November 26, 10987 and I assume by the font used, that it’s Children’s Palace too. Gotta love the $80 Flagg aircraft carrier.

Last is the Chicago Tribune, dated October 23, 1988, and it’s from a place called Cut Rate Toys. If ebay existed, these guy would’ve been cleared out in a day. It’s a pain to see how cheap the Air raiders toys are at this point. Only $4 for the Thunderhammer and Dragonwind and $1 for the figure packs! Check out the rest of the prices for stuff like MOTU, GI Joe and Robotech.

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