Air Raiders Fan Art — The Command Outpost

Replicant01 and I have worked on several commissions in the past, but this was the first one we ever did and I never got around to posting it until now. We wanted another version of the Command  Outpost and it was a great way to see if the artist could handle this kind of work. Up first is the rough sketch. Our main hopes were an interesting composition and to nail the colors down. I was actually really happy with the results, that dark blue foreground really contrasts nicely with the reds and golds which look just like the box art colors.

command post sketch We ended up asking him to put in more details, especially some stairs and machinery among the rocks and to add the various guns that the Outpost has mounted around the perimeter. The artist did a great job with the cannon in the front. The finishing details like the sticker on the door really complete this for me. I also like the moons and Twin Lightnings in the sky.

I hope you enjoy this art. I have big plans to use it in the future so keep an eye out in the next few weeks. And don’t forget to like us on our Facebook page found here!

Command Outpost FINAL

4 thoughts on “Air Raiders Fan Art — The Command Outpost

  1. That’s really nice! I like how it makes the Command Outpost look like a real location. Kinda gives it a Castle Grayskull feel.


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