Air Raiders Fan Art

I’ve been meaning to post this art for a while, so a big thanks to Andrew Cosson, the operator of a great Facebook fansite, Air Raiders. Andrew is also a very talented artist so you should definitely check out his Instagram page for his other art. The art that I’m interested in is his Air Raider work, which includes head shots of an Air Raider Warrior, an Enforcer, Lieutenant Noble and Commander Dregs. In addition, there’s some cool work-in-progress photos of the some of the pieces. I assume we’re looking at ink and marker work although I could be wrong and there may be paint there too.

The Warrior might be my favorite, although Commander Dregs is pretty cool too. I like the Dragonwind that was snuck into the background. I assume we’re looking at Dregs as he’s driving his vehicle.

Cosson-Raider Cosson-Tyrants

Cosson-Noble Ratt

Enforcer Noble


I hope you enjoyed this, do you have a favorite? Contact me if you have your own Air Raiders fan art to share! Click here to like us on Facebook!

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