Galaxy Marauders, Part 4

Earlier posts can be found here. Galaxy Marauders, Part 1 Galaxy Marauders, Part 2 Galaxy Marauders, Part 3 Hey folks, Talyn from, will be selling some carded Flux Troopers starting tonight! Carded Galaxy Marauders Flux Troopers. There will be a couple of the purple ones available. Very limited number of carded and loose one…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 4

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. Here are previous installments: Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2 Here’s the early story pitch for Air Raiders, back when Steve Reiss first created the concept and it was called Air Masters. First off, it takes place…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3

Air Raiders of Wor

I found a post on Instagram by visualocity who did a really great job making some Air Raiders digital mock ups using the Volkriun Green Battle Builder from the Warlords of Wor collection. Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have…… Continue reading Air Raiders of Wor

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. If you’d like to read the first one, click here. So the last post talked about how Steve Reiss created Air Raiders back when he was the Hasbro Senior Design Director for Boys Toys. Here I will share the actual concept he came…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2

Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Five – Nerf It!

Airlandia: Here’s the next post in a series that gives fans a chance to explain how they would relaunch the Air Raiders in today’s market. Heli, our resident Hawkwind fanatic, will take it from here: Heli: Air Raiders is a wonderful, unique line, so any relaunch should strive to hold onto the qualities that define…… Continue reading Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Five – Nerf It!

Air Raiders Fan Art

I’ve been meaning to post this art for a while, so a big thanks to Andrew Cosson, the operator of a great Facebook fansite, Air Raiders. Andrew is also a very talented artist so you should definitely check out his Instagram page for his other art. The art that I’m interested in is his Air…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art

A New Year

Greetings Fellow Airlandians, It’s been a good year here. I’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow fans and we’ve seen the Facebook community start to grow. I had the opportunity to share some amazing stuff like the Wind Reaper prototype, the Gatling prototype and interviews with Dan Price; one of the production designer MVPs of…… Continue reading A New Year

Air Raiders Inspiration

Every once in a while I run across a talented artist whose work could really mesh well for some Air Raiders-style artwork. Pascal Blanche does a wonderful job creating these exotic landscapes with lots of cosmic dust and bright stars. His vehicle design is really interesting too, I love that submarine spaceship. Anyways, I hoped…… Continue reading Air Raiders Inspiration