Air Raiders Fan Art, Part 2

There was an earlier post (here) discussing some cool fan art posted by Andrew Cosson, the operator of a great Facebook fansite, Air Raiders. The art included head shots of an Air Raider Warrior, an Enforcer, Lieutenant Noble and Commander Dregs. Well, some of that art is up for sale on ebay for those who…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art, Part 2

Galaxy Marauders, Part 4

Earlier posts can be found here. Galaxy Marauders, Part 1 Galaxy Marauders, Part 2 Galaxy Marauders, Part 3 Hey folks, Talyn from, will be selling some carded Flux Troopers starting tonight! Carded Galaxy Marauders Flux Troopers. There will be a couple of the purple ones available. Very limited number of carded and loose one…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 4

Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Awesome news, Talyn aka ThePlasticGeek is moving forward on his Galaxy Marauders figures. The original posts can be found here and here. As previously noted, he’s been working on expanding the 2″ Air Raiders figures to a larger size using a hydrospanning technique. We’ve seen pictures of previous attempts of the Air Raiders rebel soldier,…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Air Raiders in 1:18 scale

Sunok Studios is a toy company founded in 2012 and run by a former Games Workshop designer and sculptor. Several years ago, the company launched a Kickstarter to create a series of 1:18 scale figures (slightly larger than GI Joe) for a property called Hell Screamerz. The basic Hell Screamer figures stand 4” tall (1:18…… Continue reading Air Raiders in 1:18 scale

Air Raiders Fan Art

I’ve been meaning to post this art for a while, so a big thanks to Andrew Cosson, the operator of a great Facebook fansite, Air Raiders. Andrew is also a very talented artist so you should definitely check out his Instagram page for his other art. The art that I’m interested in is his Air…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art

Air Raiders Enforcer

This is a short week here in America due to Thanksgiving, so I have very little time to publish something; however I did come across this picture which reminded me of a recent post about plastic. A poster named notpicard added this pic of a Tyrants of Wind Enforcer on Hoardar. air raiders test shot…… Continue reading Air Raiders Enforcer

He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2

Yesterday I posted the custom Air Raiders figure that was beefed up to a 7″ tall Master of the Universe Classic size (see here). Today, the Tyrants of Wind get a turn! Here’s the nefarious Enforcer Squad member who has joined Team Hordak. “During the Battle for the Aero Aegis the valiant Stratos and his…… Continue reading He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2

Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

  So there’s been quite a few prototypes posted on ebay lately. We’ve already seen an Enforcer as well as pilots for the Twin Lightning and Hawkwind. Up next is another figure but this one is pretty exciting. It’s a soldier from the second series of canceled Air Raider toys, one of the new Enforcer…… Continue reading Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

Air Raiders Prototype Figure on ebay

Yep, another prototype is up on ebay. And it’s pretty neat! One of the early “phototype” figures that was used in the first catalog pictures is for sale. I’m curious how quickly they knocked these out. It still looks fantastic but it has a rougher quality to it, plus it has metal pegs to hold…… Continue reading Air Raiders Prototype Figure on ebay