Air Raiders Comics

IMG_3348I stumbled across a cool site that has scans of all five of the Air Raiders comics produced by Star/Marvel Comics. The scans are high-res and look great, much better than anything I have up. The books are very easy to click through and it looks like a mobile app is available to use.

I reviewed them all (see below) glossing over the story but breaking down the world building and other information they provide.

Anyways, if you don’t own the comics or have never had the chance to look through, give them a chance. They’re a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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Air Raiders #1 — Sins of the Father

Air Raiders #2 — Subterfuge

Air Raiders #3 — The Good Fight

Air Raiders #4 — Orchids for the Baron

Air Raiders #5 — Winds in the Darkness


11 thoughts on “Air Raiders Comics

  1. Thanks +++ for the link to the fullcomic site – bookmarked for future ref. Shame the comic ground to a halt, as there were many nice touches like the boot-jets, air furniture and candles, the floating guard posts, and those vampiric gauntlets were ace! The artwork is top notch, and my favourite cover is N°4. I like how they gave seemingly every character an interesting name – from the major players right down to a humble sergeant. Also, the decision not to include any AR toy ads in the run is baffling… are there other toy ads, or food promo ads in the issues, or is it just the story? Thanks for posting!

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    1. Sorry for the late reply, i did not have access to my comics. There’s a bunch of ads in the books, I didn’t notice that the digital version took them out! They range from the Popples, Rain-blo bubble gum, Fruity Pebbles, Tomy HO scale racing cars, a weird mailaway for a videocassette made by George Brett revealing how to play baseball better, a Robotech rpg, a two-page spread from Konami, Tang, a Muppet Casio keyboard, Captain Power toys, Silverhawks VHS tapes, even a zits ad from Oxyclean! My favorite one is a mailaway on the back of issue #5 that says you can get a personalized GI Joe action figure and card along with a Steel Brigade patch. I also have fond memories of those bizarre sales team ads from Sales Leadership Club and Olympic Sales Club where they had drawings of a bunch of different stuff ranging form toys to watches to camping gear and they tried to get you the reader, to call in and join their sales team to sell this stuff!

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      1. Thanks for all the great info! The ads sound good, and a couple of them I think I might have. There seemed to be a raft of zit ointment ads in the 80s for some reason. Maybe teenagers were becoming more image-conscious and the corporations exploited that?
        The Muppets Juniors Casio keyboard interested me and I had to look it up to see – love it!
        Ah, I have a folder now full of scans for Junior Sales Club, Olympic and Grit prizes. They fascinated me as a kid growing up in the UK and I always wanted to order something, but it was US only. I remember asking my mom – what’s a ‘zip code’? and if we could get one 🙂
        The Silverhawks VHS and G.I. Joe figure and card ads sound really good. Thanks again.

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    2. It’s interesting that there was enough of a teen market that Oxyclean felt they should buy ad space. I wonder how many teens today buy comics of any type?

      Here’s a look at the two ads you were interested in:

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  2. Thanks! I managed to pick up 1-4 at a reasonable price, but I hadn’t read 5 before. Honestly, though, the line will always be primarily toys for me. The personalities from the comics really don’t factor in much. Maybe if I’d read this back in the day, they would have stuck with me, but I’m too old and stubborn now. 🙂

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  3. I just recently purchased all five issues because I remember loving them as a kid. Also I had that GI Joe add all filled out but my mom wouldn’t let me send it in. Man I wanted that thing so bad!! Anyways thanks for making this site hopefully it will get more traffic


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