French Dragonwind

In a recent post, I found boxes for the Thunderclaw, Twin Lightning and Battle Squad that were labeled in both French and English. Thanks to a helpful poster, I learned that Canadian laws state that goods have to have both languages on the packaging.

A seller posted a similar box for the Dragonwind on ebay a few days ago. Curiously it is referred to as a Dragonair, not a Dragonvent which would be a better translation.  And actually the evil faction, the Tyrants of Wind are actually the Tyrans de l’Air, meaning Tyrants of Air. Heck, even the slogan is different. La Puissance de l’Air is The Power of Air (Fart jokes aside, that’s not very inspiring…). My French is very rusty these days so I could be wrong, but I wonder why they decided to make those changes.

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DragonAir DragonAir2

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