French Air Raiders

Toy fans are everywhere. I myself am part of several Facebook groups and I see fans of He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe from all over the place. Not just the United States and Canada but Europe, Asia, Australia and the rest of the world.

I’ve always wondered where the Air Raiders toys were distributed. I know they made it to Canada and England because of what I’ve seen on ebay, but I’ve never seen anything in Asia, Australia or the rest of Europe. So I was really interested to come across several pictures of Air Raiders with French and English packaging.


I assume with the combo of both languages that these may have come from Canada, or to be more specific, Quebec. But I’m just guessing, I don’t know what other toy packaging looks like when it goes international. And if they are from Quebec, it still leaves the question of whether the Air Raiders did make it to the rest of the world.

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What I’d also like to figure out is if the French vehicle bio is a word for word translation of the English (alas, my brain cells have deleted the six years of French class I took). I’ll have to try Google Translate at some point.

If anyone has any info, I’d love hear it. Hopefully I can solve this mystery someday.

3 thoughts on “French Air Raiders

  1. Hi Airlandia. To my understand based on vintage Star Wars licenses, Canadian laws stated that goods had to have dual language on the packaging, so not just unique to Quebec but all of Canada.
    From what I see on your packaging example the French language is pretty faithful to the English. ‘Doubléclair’ is a portmanteau meaning ‘double flash’, and ‘Doubléclair frappe toujours deux fois’ is ‘Lightning always strikes twice’. Not sure if Air Raiders had a release here in France or other parts of Europe – I haven’t come across any French ads yet, but then frustratingly I’ve yet to come across a US or UK ad. Looking forward to adding a section for them on my site soon.


  2. Thanks for your help, Vintage Toy Advertiser! Scarabée (Beetle) and Groupe de Combat were easy enough but I couldn’t figure out the translation for Doubléclair. And that’s interesting about Canadian law, did not know goods had to have dual languages. So mystery solved! Although I’m a little disappointed, as I was hoping they came from France. 😉

    I’ve actually found a decent amount of catalog pictures and advertisements for Air Raiders here in the US, I hope to post a blog about that soon.


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