Air Raiders Illustrator

Finally! I was super excited when recently unearthed the artist that was responsible for the awesome Airlandia battle scene that was used quite a bit in the marketing and packaging for the toy line. Over the years, I had spent a decent amount of time searching for clues and asking former employees the identity…… Continue reading Air Raiders Illustrator

Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities – The Dragonwind

Like an earlier post (found here), I came across a photo of some preproduction box art for the Dragonwind that was sold on ebay back in April, 2014. The original appears to be a painting although it could be colored pencils with some paint highlights too. Initially, I thought it was a different design for…… Continue reading Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities – The Dragonwind

French Dragonwind

In a recent post, I found boxes for the Thunderclaw, Twin Lightning and Battle Squad that were labeled in both French and English. Thanks to a helpful poster, I learned that Canadian laws state that goods have to have both languages on the packaging. A seller posted a similar box for the Dragonwind on ebay…… Continue reading French Dragonwind

Box Filecards

Replicant01 (from board) dug through his amazing collection of Air Raiders toys and scanned in all the filecards on the back of the packaging. A big thank you for that because they’re not all online and I doubt I could have tracked them all down, especially the Man-O-War box. Which reminds me, I never…… Continue reading Box Filecards

An Interview With Former Hasbro Illustrator, Richard Marcej

Richard Marcej graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and began working for Hasbro as an illustrator, graphic designer and package designer in the fall of 1983. His work covered a wide range of Hasbro properties including Transformers, GI Joe, My Little Pony, InHumanoids and Army Ants, which he was responsible for not only the…… Continue reading An Interview With Former Hasbro Illustrator, Richard Marcej

Pre-production Art on Ebay

These are interesting, you get (hopefully) the opportunity to print an unblemished version of this art with no warping or damage. I’m tempted by the battle scenes (obvious) and the Wind Razor because it doesn’t have the box design on it. You can find this artwork all over the internet but at a smaller size…… Continue reading Pre-production Art on Ebay