Air Raiders Intro Commercial

Hey folks, I wanted to look through the commercials that were done for the toy line and see if there was anything interesting to note. I’ll start with the introduction commercial for the toys. It’s coming soon. The world where everything runs on air. So air is more precious than gold! But in Airlandia, the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Intro Commercial

Air Raiders Advertising, Part 2

Continuing the posting of old advertisements for the Air Raiders (see here), here’s a few from the The Des Moines Register, Chicago Tribune, and The Times out of Shreveport, Louisiana. The Times is first, dated November 18, 1987, and I’m amused that they lumped a Cobra Sea Ray from GI Joe in the space provided.…… Continue reading Air Raiders Advertising, Part 2

Dragonwind Glider DIY

How many of us have bought the Dragonwind off ebay that’s missing several pieces only to realize later that you can probably find some green tubes and missiles but getting that glider is going to be a problem! That’s why I’m adding a template for the Dragonwind Glider. I’ve put up the original instructions, a…… Continue reading Dragonwind Glider DIY

Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities – The Dragonwind

Like an earlier post (found here), I came across a photo of some preproduction box art for the Dragonwind that was sold on ebay back in April, 2014. The original appears to be a painting although it could be colored pencils with some paint highlights too. Initially, I thought it was a different design for…… Continue reading Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities – The Dragonwind

Air Raiders Ebay Watch

Ugh, I hate when something slips by me on ebay. I’ve been on the lookout for an Air Raiders coloring book that I’ve seen posted on Pinterest. It’s titled “Inside Airlandia” and has a drawing of the Thunderhammer on the cover. I get a kick out of the fact it’s launching a missile from the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Ebay Watch

French Dragonwind

In a recent post, I found boxes for the Thunderclaw, Twin Lightning and Battle Squad that were labeled in both French and English. Thanks to a helpful poster, I learned that Canadian laws state that goods have to have both languages on the packaging. A seller posted a similar box for the Dragonwind on ebay…… Continue reading French Dragonwind

Air Raiders Art

Some cool Air Raiders transparencies are up on ebay (here and here). They include one of the more well known illustrations for the toy line; used in marketing, packaging and catalogs. There’s also a rare piece that was never used as far as I can tell, although replicant01 had a proof of it. From the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Art

Box Filecards

Replicant01 (from board) dug through his amazing collection of Air Raiders toys and scanned in all the filecards on the back of the packaging. A big thank you for that because they’re not all online and I doubt I could have tracked them all down, especially the Man-O-War box. Which reminds me, I never…… Continue reading Box Filecards

Faction Symbols

Gi Joe and Cobra. Autobots and Decepticons. Thundercats and Mumm-Ra. These are all successful franchises and they all have really cool symbols representing the sides of good and evil. This is something lacking with the Air Raiders, which is odd considering the work they put into making their own rune alphabet (that’s another post) and…… Continue reading Faction Symbols

Tyrant Weapons

I did an earlier article about the different weapons and tech specs of the Air Raider rebels (see here) so now I’m going to address the capabilities of their evil counterparts, the Tyrants of Wind.  WIND RAZOR “Wind Seeker’s slices through air like a knife.” Crew: Sergeant Razorback and Private Dak.  Trained to search out and…… Continue reading Tyrant Weapons