Air Raider Weapons

I wanted to take a closer look at the weapons used by the Air Raiders as I noticed they did not fit within the conventional equipment for warfare that I had always envisioned.

Crew: Manned by Jasun and Con, two dedicated soldiers. Specially trained to place mission objectives above personal safety. Possess lightning-fast reflexes and great courage.
Vehicle Type: Battle-Dasher – Two seat multi-sensor offensive aircraft.
Powerplant: Air cannon-activated, twin 15,000 ERG, air-powered turbo-boosters.
Performance: Highly-maneuverable – can achieve air speed of Mach 2 in 18 seconds.
Armament: 2 air-to-air, air-to-ground short-range air hammer cannons and indestructible raider claw.
Onboard Specifications: Equipped with magnetic anamoly detectors that home in on deposits of galvanized air. Front-mounted blast-resistant claw clamps onto enemy vessels for boarding air cargo ships.
Storm Dagger
Crew: Hook and Fitz. Two-man crew performs 48-hour surveillance missions. Endurance tested before in-house flight assignments. Trained to withstand severe hardships.
Vehicle Type: High-speed hoversail – Tandem, two-seat fast attack hovercraft.
Powerplant: Air cannon-activated, single 21,000 ERG, vectored-thrust turbo-fan.
Performance: Maximum speed of 120 knots. Remains aloft for hours: undetectable in glider mode.
Armament: 2 offensive, long-range air-torpedoes loaded with specialty airs. Equipped with rear freeze breeze cannon.
Onboard Specifications: Armored Kelvar stabilizer sail impervious to most armaments.
Twin Lightning
Crew: Commander Airlocke and Buck. Tough, tenacious fliers. Former daredevil airmen. Brash, daring fighters with superior flying skills.
Vehicle Type: Advanced F-1 Spitfire — Tactical offensive fighter plane.
Powerplant: Air blaster-activated, reverse thrust capacitors.
Performance: Exceptional strategic maneuverability, even in adverse weather conditions. Maximum speed: Mach 2.
Armament: Equipped with air-powered heat-sensitive sprinter missiles. Front and rear mounted whirlwind rocket launchers shoot high-impact missiles filled with highly-corrosive winds of destruction.
Onboard Specifications: Internal weapons reloader automatically injects new missiles into launcher silos for rapid firing. Also equipped with galvanic air collectors and a built-in remote-control guidance system for automatic piloting.
Four man crew. Dedicated warriors. Specially trained for perilous missions. Led by Field Commander Jad, a former daredevil pilot. Specializes in guerrilla warfare.
Vehicle Type: Battle Ram – armored mobile assault craft.
Powerplant: Air plunger activated, twin-engined turbo-blasters.
Performance: Maximum speed of Mach 2.59 in 13.8 seconds. Highly maneuverable.
Armament: Weapons payload of 2 cyclonic air blaster missiles and 4 swivel-mounted air cannons that fire 200 rounds per second.
Onboard Specifications: Front-mounted battle ram tears through enemy fortifications. Electronic surveillance pod pinpoints enemy installations for offensive assault tactics. Rear-mounted hurricane cannon fires concentrated bursts of highly-volatile galvanized air.
Command Outpost
Outpost Assault Team:
Highly trained, top notch fighters. Not afraid to take chances responsible for Air Raider operations within empire perimeter commanded by General Rokk – a tenacious fighter determined to defeat the tyrants through sustained tactical maneuvering.
Type: Outpost installation – tactical defense fortress
Air-storing, turbine-driven air dynamics with 77,000 ERGs of power
Seals itself from outside assault with computer activated armored hatches. Equipped with underground escape routes – fortress sub-chambers are filled with miles of maze-like caverns
Two remote launchers fire air-compacted and long range twister rockets. Movement sensitive, air powered rockslide avalanche crushes enemy forces

Some interesting notes: First, it doesn’t look like the Man-O-War ever got a write-up like this which is a shame considering it had the side missile launchers, grappling hook, the scout car, the radar dish, 3-4 gun mounts and that large double-barreled cannon on one side with the strange missile platform on the other.

In some of the early AR papers, the air hammer cannons of the Thunderclaw were also called proton or velociton cannons. I always thought of the Thunderclaw as a land vehicle, the workhorse of the Air Raider army and that’s how they portray it in the comics as it drives across the desert landscapes. But the boxcard indicates that it’s an aircraft capable of having aerial dogfights, boarding enemy cargo ships and hitting Mach 2!

On the other hand, you have the Storm Dagger which I always thought of as the rebel fighter/bomber. Turns out it is a lumbering dinosaur as it goes about 140 mph to the 1500 mph of the Thunderclaw. (Typo maybe?) It reminds me of the earlier WWII American torpedo bombers, heavily armed and armored, but sluggish and vulnerable to attack. I like the Kevlar… sorry, Kelvar hoversails too.

The Twin Lightning only goes as fast as the Thunderclaw?!? Strange but apparently it’s bristling with rockets and heat-seeking missiles! I love the descriptions they attach to the AR weapons like sprinter missiles and twister missiles.

It’s funny that the crew of the Thunderhammer, one of the biggest and probably loudest vehicles on the planet, excels at guerrilla warfare which usually requires stealth. And it goes faster than any of the aircraft although I assume it doesn’t fly. Then again, it’s referrred to as a “craft” so who knows.
Cyclonic missile launchers and a hurricane cannon are great names!

I find it funny that I always assumed these guys shot lasers and fiery death at each other but really they’re shooting explosive gases, galvanic air and freeze breeze ice instead. Even their missiles are packed with that stuff! I also appreciate that the writes took the time to come up with the horsepower and engine types of all these vehicles.

Last is the Command Outpost which doesn’t go into as many details in regards to the actual weapons of the base but I assume since it’s weapons are similar to the Thunderhammer’s then they could be called 4 swivel-mounted air cannons that fire 200 rounds per second as well as another hurricane cannon. I’m not sure what the large red cannon with a seat for a soldier is called as there is no equivalent.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll delve into the Enforcer weapons and gear next time.

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