Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Last session was about the beautiful folder the kit came in, today is focused on colored line art for the various vehicles! The images were printed nice and sharp by Hasbro and I scanned them in at a good resolution. They all have basics flat colors but what’s interesting is they actually broke down the…… Continue reading Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Air Raiders Ebay Watch — Factory Cases

This was a first (for me at least). A seller has posted several cases of Air Raiders vehicles. One has the Air Raider Battle Chasers, six of the Storm Dagger and six of the Thunderclaw. The other has the Tyrant Battle Chasers, six of the Wind Seeker and six of the Wind Razor. Each box…… Continue reading Air Raiders Ebay Watch — Factory Cases

Custom Air Raiders Vehicles, Part 2

Just a follow up on my last post (here), I sent a few questions to Oscar Torres (see his site here) about his project because I’m always curious about 3D printers and other ways to expand on Air Raiders. Airlandia: What was this project for? Did someone hire you or were you just tinkering with…… Continue reading Custom Air Raiders Vehicles, Part 2

Air Raiders #3 “The Good Fight”

Summary: General Rokk and Admiral Fury prepare to use the information gathered by Eeleta to strike at the vulnerable air convoy of the Enforcers. Aerozar reveals to Eeleta that he’s aware of her plotting and that she’s been his pawn all along. He’s kept her father and former ruler, Archion, alive this whole thing to…… Continue reading Air Raiders #3 “The Good Fight”

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Here’s some early Air Raider artwork courtesy of the Facebook Air Raider page. It consists of a bunch of cool drawings and specs for the Twin Lightning rebel aircraft. Most of them look like they were in the final stages of design as it looks pretty much like what ended up on the shelves. Although…… Continue reading Lightning Strikes Twice!

Pre-production Art on Ebay

These are interesting, you get (hopefully) the opportunity to print an unblemished version of this art with no warping or damage. I’m tempted by the battle scenes (obvious) and the Wind Razor because it doesn’t have the box design on it. You can find this artwork all over the internet but at a smaller size…… Continue reading Pre-production Art on Ebay