Tecco Toys

This is not Air Raiders news but I’m posting it for two reasons. One, these toys are in the same scale as Air Raiders so they would be a fun addition to your collection, and two, it is interesting to see how far toy production has come, especially now that 3D printers are here. Introducing…… Continue reading Tecco Toys

Air Raiders #1 “Sins of the Father”

Swashbuckling super-action on a far-out fantasy filled world! This is the first installment of my reviews for the 5 issues that were created. I’m going to be upfront at the beginning, I love these comics. Written by Howard Mackie and drawn by Kelley Jones, these books have that old-fashioned feel to them, reminding me of…… Continue reading Air Raiders #1 “Sins of the Father”

Tyrant Weapons

I did an earlier article about the different weapons and tech specs of the Air Raider rebels (see here) so now I’m going to address the capabilities of their evil counterparts, the Tyrants of Wind.  WIND RAZOR “Wind Seeker’s slices through air like a knife.” Crew: Sergeant Razorback and Private Dak.  Trained to search out and…… Continue reading Tyrant Weapons

Air Raider Weapons

I wanted to take a closer look at the weapons used by the Air Raiders as I noticed they did not fit within the conventional equipment for warfare that I had always envisioned. Thunderclaw Crew: Manned by Jasun and Con, two dedicated soldiers. Specially trained to place mission objectives above personal safety. Possess lightning-fast reflexes and…… Continue reading Air Raider Weapons