Pre-production Art on Ebay

These are interesting, you get (hopefully) the opportunity to print an unblemished version of this art with no warping or damage. I’m tempted by the battle scenes (obvious) and the Wind Razor because it doesn’t have the box design on it. You can find this artwork all over the internet but at a smaller size and the details will probably not be as nice. I wonder how quickly these will go or if they will?

This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company.  It has never been offered for sale before and is being offered here for the very first time. Included is an original 8 X 10 inch Transparency.  Transparencies were used for a variety of purposes however were most often used to transfer the image to retail packaging.  This example includes a sleeve with many notations that were particular to the development of the image. This was used internally at Hasbro during the preproduction of the line and was never available to consumers at retail stores.

Transparency1Wind Razor.




Battle Scenes.


Well, someone did buy the Thunderhammer so buyers are out there!


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