Tyrant Weapons

I did an earlier article about the different weapons and tech specs of the Air Raider rebels (see here) so now I’m going to address the capabilities of their evil counterparts, the Tyrants of Wind.


“Wind Seeker’s slices through air like a knife.”
Crew: Sergeant Razorback and Private Dak.  Trained to search out and destroy all who oppose.
Vehicle Type: Land speedor assault vehicle—Two-seat dual-mode phantom fighter.
Powerplant: Air cannon-activated, turbo-propped, galvanized air foil.
Performance: Can achieve maximum speed of 200 knots on stabilized jet stream.
Armanent: Pivoting rear freeze breeze cannon.
Onboard Specifications: Hinged contours allow vehicle to sink low for concealment or rise high for fast attacks.


“Wind Seeker’s always on the prowl.”
Crew: Master Sergeant Blot and Private Blight.  Two of the meanest soldiers in the Emperor’s legions.  Huge, muscular brutes.  Brainwashed.  Incapable of showing emotion.
Vehicle Type: Class II reconnaissance vehicle–Two-seat patrol module.
Powerplant: Dual, air cannon-activated, fan-engined “Galvanizers”
Performance: Maximum speed of Mach 2.  Range: 700 miles.  Attains maximum speed only over flat terrain.  Rugged territory inhibits maneuverability and performance.
Armanent: Twin air hammer cannons can be programmed with long range lock target guidance systems.
Onboard Specifications: Fires carrier-borne recond hovercraft equipped with electro-optical surveillance sensors and freeze breeze cannons.


“Hawkwind screams through the sky.”
Crew: Two-man crew–Commodore Kronax and Mace.  Ruthless, conceited men.  Enjoy shooting at wind farms for target practice.  Infamous for their severe hatred of Air Raiders.
Vehicle Type: Subsonic attack jet–long-range strategic fighter plane.
Powerplant: Air blaster-activated, rocket racer engines.
Performance: The fastest and deadliest thing in the air.  Reaches Mach 3 in 50.07 seconds.  Possesses exceptional maneuverability.
Armanent: Rear-mounted rocket launcher fires bluster bombs that produce screeching gail force winds and temporarily disorientate the enemy.  Front-mounted, light-sensitive, air-launch whistler missiles fire in tandem and explode on impact.
Onboard Specifications: Capable of leveling an entire grid on the map in 5 minutes.  Four-spread wing design enables plane to fly upside down or sideways.  No known weaknesses.


“Beware the deadly scoure of the Dragonwind.”
Crew: Piloted by Commodore Dregs and 3-man crew.  Villainous, relentless fighters.  Possess insatiable desire to conquer and destroy.  Responsible for policy enforcement and interrogation.
Vehicle Type: Class 1 Air Striker-Mobile battle bomber.
Powerplant: Air plunger activated, static thrust, subsonic boosters.
Performance: Can reach Mach 2 in 70 seconds.  Capable of hovering up to 20 feet above ground for short periods of time.
Armanent: Dual, side-mounted cyclonic cannons that fire in tandem.  Also equipped with radar-directed, air-launch glider that can be mounted with high-intensity explosives.  Capable of firing 4 independent bluster bombs that relase concussive bursts of galvanized air.
Onboard Specifications: Two-man, air-launch reconnaissance glider with built-in guidance system is undetectable in the air.
Okay, let’s start off with the Wind Razor. Once again, the vehicle that I always thought was the fast, nimble fighter is the plodding turtle; going only 200 mph to all these other vehicles that are hitting mach 2. Although since it’s main ability seems to be ambush and stealth, I guess speed is not essential. Armament is the typical freeze cannon on top but no mention of the side mounts.

Next is the Wind Seeker. This patrol vehicle has a top speed of mach 2 despite being specifically a land vehicle. That’s impressive and though rugged terrain will hinder that speed a bit, that’s what the hoverpod can help with. It has similar air hammer cannons like the Thunderclaw and a triple threat of freeze breeze guns mounted on the pod. One interesting note; it’s crew, Sergeant Blot and Private Blight, are regarded as tough warriors and the nastiest of the bunch but they are also brainwashed. This goes along with my idea that Emperor Aerozar used some of the strange mind-effecting gases left over from the passage of the comet to pacify and control some of the hierarchy in government and the army.

Next is the Hawkwind, a subsonic(???) fighter jet capable of reaching Mach 3! That is the fastest vehicle on the planet. I’m not sure why it’s classified as subsonic as that’s means it’s an aircraft that doesn’t hit the speed of sound (mach 1). A rear-mounted gun fires bluster bombs that essentially release concussive grenades of wind, probably a nice defense against other aircraft. It also also has whistler missiles that are light-sensitive and can wipe out a big section of a map in no time.

And last is the Dragonwind, commanded by Commodore Dregs. Classified as a Class 1 Air Striker-Mobile battle bomber that can also hover above the ground for short intervals. The Dragonwind is obviously a powerful vehicle with side-mounted cyclonic cannons and concussive bluster bombs mounted underneath. One interesting note, it launches a radar-directed reconnaissance glider with built-in guidance system that gives stealth-like abilities as well as being armed with high-intensity explosives (bombs? missiles?). This glider and it’s capabilities came out years before the concept of drones and UAVs become so closely associated with modern warfare.

The Air Refinery is a guess, like the Man-O-War. It is bristling with all sorts of guns, most likely freeze breeze or air hammer designations. It has a solo missile launcher but also a hidden quadruple launcher. There’s a winged scout car that acts as an escape vehicle for the Emperor. Having an escape car in your main base is not a high vote of confidence in your armed forces! lol



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