He-Man and Air Raiders

Although you don’t often associate the two toy lines because of the size difference, a fellow by the name of Jin Saotome created a custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure of the Air Raider Battle Squad soldier.

He even wrote up a cool intro for the character coming to Eternia:

“The beings that had entered into Eternia through Hordak’s dimensional portal were of two distinct factions, the Heroic Air Raiders and the Tyrants of Wind. Both groups had complete mastery of the air allowing them to channel it through great machines and survive pressures far greater than any living thing on Eternia’s surface. Hordak had allied himself with the Tyrant’s Enforcers. Little did he know that the Air Raiders were watching and soon used the portal to storm through! Damaging wings ripped Hordak’s flying fortress in half, scattering the combatants and freeing the prisoners! Buzz-Off and Stratos returned to Grayskull with word of the Heroic Air Raiders leaving He-Man to ponder just what to do about the two armies that had decided to battle it out on Eternia.”

motu1 AirRaidersHero_005

AirRaidersHero_004 AirRaidersHero_003


Here’s his description of what he used to build the figure:

This character is based off the vintage line of Air Raiders toys! Originally a diminutive 2-inch tall heroic Air Raiders figure I’ve recreated him in 7″ MotUC scale. The Air Raider was created using a Hydron body and chest piece, Eternian guard waist armor, Evolve Markos modded arms, DC Cyborg lower legs, and a modded Funko Mini Doom soldier head. Air Raider was painted close enough to the vintage figure’s two color scheme but with enough extra detail to make it match the MOTUC figure line.

Here’s a visual breakdown although I couldn’t find the waist armor and he doesn’t mention the gun. I think he kept Hydron’s upper arms and only used the forearms and hands from the Evolve figure.

Custom pieces

He did a great job, the armor looks wonderful, the colors match the original and I really like that yellow face visor. Now I want to go paint some of the 2″ soldiers to have that too!

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6 thoughts on “He-Man and Air Raiders

  1. Agree! Immediately recognizable as Air Raider…such a talented eye for spotting these figures to use in the mashup/custom base. Color is perfect too.

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