Air Raiders of Wor

I found a post on Instagram by visualocity who did a really great job making some Air Raiders digital mock ups using the Volkriun Green Battle Builder from the Warlords of Wor collection. Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have a peg & socket joint system that makes them completely interchangeable with one another, allowing for limitless build options.


visualocity posted:

❌NOT OFFICIAL RELEASE❌ Since Warlords of Wor is such a versatile line in terms of what can be achieved with just paint apps, I had to mock up some Air Raiders! Of course, Doomguy still has to get a release first, right @lostnearinfinity ? 😉

So here’s a Battle Squad soldier (below) followed up by Airlocke, Noble and Fury! Pretty cool, I would love the chance to buy these! They remind me of the He-Man customs that I posted a while back. Anyone else interesting in seeing something like this?

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Warlords AR banner

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