Air Raiders T-shirt — the Hawkwind!

Hey all, I figured since I did several shirts for the Command Outpost (see post here) that I’d do one for the bad guys too. The general feeling I get is that people seem to like the Hawkwind the best (for good reason!) so I decided to go in that direction. Check it out here!…… Continue reading Air Raiders T-shirt — the Hawkwind!

Battle Squad Soldier Custom

Hey folks, here’s a fun post to share. I love seeing Air Raiders fans create new art, customs and other fun stuff and Kier’s Customs is definitely working on something awesome! Kier’s Customs: Progress picture of my Glyos compatible 3&3/4 inch Air Raider rebel. Thank you for all of the support. This one is a…… Continue reading Battle Squad Soldier Custom

Custom Air Raiders

Someone named Jestermon posted a custom Air Raiders rebel soldier recently. He made it using part of a Mega Construx figure from the Master of the Universe series. As near as I can tell, the torso is from a Man-at-Arms figure but he may have swapped out the head, arms and legs from somewhere else.…… Continue reading Custom Air Raiders

Air Raiders of Wor

I found a post on Instagram by visualocity who did a really great job making some Air Raiders digital mock ups using the Volkriun Green Battle Builder from the Warlords of Wor collection. Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have…… Continue reading Air Raiders of Wor

A New Air Refinery? (Part Two)

So I got the Nano Metalfigs Batcave Collectors Enviroment! in the mail recently. Folks might remember an earlier post about it being a great substitute for the Air Refinery. It came a while ago, but I just didn’t have the time to assemble it and give it a good look until now. Well, it’s here…… Continue reading A New Air Refinery? (Part Two)

Dragonwind Glider DIY

How many of us have bought the Dragonwind off ebay that’s missing several pieces only to realize later that you can probably find some green tubes and missiles but getting that glider is going to be a problem! That’s why I’m adding a template for the Dragonwind Glider. I’ve put up the original instructions, a…… Continue reading Dragonwind Glider DIY

A New Air Refinery?

Okay, just kidding. Some genius on instagram named hennenjl1828 did find a great substitute for the Tyrants of Wind home base… introducing the Nano Metalfigs Batcave Collectors Enviroment! Obviously this is not the same thing but it does have a nice mix of natural stone combined with the various levels of platforms, doors and cool…… Continue reading A New Air Refinery?

He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2

Yesterday I posted the custom Air Raiders figure that was beefed up to a 7″ tall Master of the Universe Classic size (see here). Today, the Tyrants of Wind get a turn! Here’s the nefarious Enforcer Squad member who has joined Team Hordak. “During the Battle for the Aero Aegis the valiant Stratos and his…… Continue reading He-Man and Air Raiders, Part 2