Air Raiders Cartoon Ad

Check this out! A Jem fan named truly_truly_truly_outrageous posted an advert on their Instagram account. V I N T A G E trade advert from 1987 for JEM and Transformers being the top two rated kids shows in weekend animation and introducing Air Raiders which never made it into a tv show. You just can’t…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon Ad

Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Four – Cyborgs, Mutants and More

A continuation of fan ideas for relaunching the Air Raiders. Airlandia: Next up is Eric Spikes, a huge Air Raider fan and owner of some cool cartoon materials (posted here). Eric Spikes: So I was asked to write up my ideas for re-launching Air Raiders, a line I absolutely love. I’m not a marketing expert…… Continue reading Air Raiders Relaunch, Part Four – Cyborgs, Mutants and More

Transformers and Air Raiders

When Bludgeon reactivates the monster Trypticon and threatens the unborn lives of the next generation of Cybertronians, the Dinobots join forces with Sandstorm for one last ride. A short post here but a fun nod to the greater Hasbro universe. In 2017, IDW publishing created a limited series of comics (The Transformers: Redemption of the…… Continue reading Transformers and Air Raiders