Air Raiders T-shirt!

Hey folks! One of the things that’s always disappointed me is that there are no options to buy Air Raiders shirts or any other swag. Well, I’m hoping to change that! I’ve recently created some designs on a site that allows you to make t-shirts, mugs, bags and a few other options, even towels! The…… Continue reading Air Raiders T-shirt!

Fast as Lightning!

I finally got around to showing another early Air Raiders vehicle model that showed up on ebay a while back; the original Twin Lightning prototype! From the seller: This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company. It has never been offered for sale before and is being offered here for the…… Continue reading Fast as Lightning!

Command Outpost Prototype, Part 2

Big thanks to G1Hexatron at the Air Raiders fan page for providing some additional shots of Air Raider sketches that were up on ebay a while back. I covered some of the sketches that were there but the seller did not have photos of all of them. Here’s the rest of them, starting with another…… Continue reading Command Outpost Prototype, Part 2

Faction Symbols

Gi Joe and Cobra. Autobots and Decepticons. Thundercats and Mumm-Ra. These are all successful franchises and they all have really cool symbols representing the sides of good and evil. This is something lacking with the Air Raiders, which is odd considering the work they put into making their own rune alphabet (that’s another post) and…… Continue reading Faction Symbols

Stickers Archive

I’ve been super excited to create a library for the stickers for the Air Raiders toyline. This has proven to be much harder than I thought. Most pictures I find online are low resolution, half-covered and/or the stickers are curled and folded. So I’m updating my original idea. I’m still going to try and have…… Continue reading Stickers Archive