Women of Airlandia

Earlier this spring, I posted some art that was commissioned for the second series officers. Using the same artist, I decided to go ahead and do some additional of work for characters that were used in the comics [and planned for the cartoon] but unfortunately not in the toys. I’m speaking of Eeleta, the heroic…… Continue reading Women of Airlandia

Second Series Art Commission, Part 2

A little while ago, replicant01 and I commissioned┬ápino44io to do some art for the squad officers from the unreleased second series (earlier blog post can be found here). For simplicity sake, I named them after mythical gods of wind to make it to work on the project. Here are the final pieces of art although…… Continue reading Second Series Art Commission, Part 2

Don’t Fear the Reaper!

One of my favorite toys is the Man-O-War. How could you not love this massive tank that’s bristling with guns, cannons and all sorts of neat gimmicks like the floating orb sensor and the scout car that launches from below? It’s an amazing vehicle and certainly one-of-a-kind. It always interested me that there wasn’t a…… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Reaper!

An Interview With Former Hasbro Designer David McDonald

David McDonald went to the ArtCenter College of design to study car design. Eventually he ended up as a Senior Industrial Designer working in the Hasbro Boys Department back in the ’80s. His projects included the Inhumanoids, Dinosaucers, COPS, Crash Test Dummies and many others. He started working on Air Raiders after the first year…… Continue reading An Interview With Former Hasbro Designer David McDonald

The Lords of the Winds

I love Air Raiders but one of my big regrets is the lack of artwork. There’s the wonderful box art, some poster illustrations and the great box insert pages but that’s about it. Unfortunately the toys didn’t last long enough to expand into lunch boxes, puzzles, magnets and other merchandise that would have required a… Continue reading The Lords of the Winds

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Here’s some early Air Raider artwork courtesy of the Facebook Air Raider page. It consists of a bunch of cool drawings and specs for the Twin Lightning rebel aircraft. Most of them look like they were in the final stages of design as it looks pretty much like what ended up on the shelves. Although…… Continue reading Lightning Strikes Twice!

New Air Raider Sketches!

I found an auction from 2010 that was selling some sketches from the toyline. There’s some interesting details about the vehicles although I can’t make heads or tails about the figures. Link here. There’s some Man-O-War sketches. One is interesting because it has older design features like different gun placements and the attack car coming…… Continue reading New Air Raider Sketches!