Air Raiders Fan Art — The Wind Talon

In a continuing series on fan art, replicant01 and I have been commissioning art for vehicles and figures from the canceled 1988 toys and also from sketches and other reference we come across. This time around is a vehicle designed by former Hasbro designer, David McDonald (see the interview here). For additional fan art, look here:Power…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art — The Wind Talon

Return of the Wind Reaper

It’s been fun to come across old sketches, prototypes and and other special stuff related to the Air Raiders. Sometimes though, it leaves me wanting more. In this case, I’m talking about the Wind Reaper, the Tyrant’s answer to the Man-O-War. Now, replicant01 and I have already done some art commissions (here and here and…… Continue reading Return of the Wind Reaper

A New Year

Greetings Fellow Airlandians, It’s been a good year here. I’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow fans and we’ve seen the Facebook community start to grow. I had the opportunity to share some amazing stuff like the Wind Reaper prototype, the Gatling prototype and interviews with Dan Price; one of the production designer MVPs of…… Continue reading A New Year

Air Raiders Relaunch, Part One

Airlandia: Here’s the first in a series of posts where Air Raiders fans, with knowledge and passion for the toys, write what they would do with the Air Raiders brand if they were in charge and launching it today. First up is Replicant01 (from board), who may have the biggest collection of Air Raider toys,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Relaunch, Part One