General Stag — Air Raiders Figure Prototype

So I managed to obtain an amazing piece of Air Raiders history from a former Hasbro worker, and I just thought I’d share with everyone. It turns out that besides the prototypes to the current Air Raiders figures that we all know and love, there were also even earlier ones as well! We actually touched…… Continue reading General Stag — Air Raiders Figure Prototype

Return of the Wind Reaper

It’s been fun to come across old sketches, prototypes and and other special stuff related to the Air Raiders. Sometimes though, it leaves me wanting more. In this case, I’m talking about the Wind Reaper, the Tyrant’s answer to the Man-O-War. Now, replicant01 and I have already done some art commissions (here and here and…… Continue reading Return of the Wind Reaper

Air Raiders 5-Pack Artwork

So a short while ago I found some Air Raiders box art (here) and included in the art was a picture of Lieutenant Noble and his squad of men. The art was different from anything I’d seen before so I wasn’t sure if it was just a color study or perhaps an older version of…… Continue reading Air Raiders 5-Pack Artwork

An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part One

Dan Price was a designer for Hasbro starting back in the ’80s. He worked on several lines besides Air Raiders including Tonka and WWF wrestling figures. He went from a Product Designer all the way up to Vice President of Design during his time at Hasbro. I’m very grateful to him for sitting down to…… Continue reading An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part One

Air Raider Prototype on Ebay!

I saw an ebay listing recently for an Air Bridge Battle Station prototype, one of the toys from the second series that never got released. This is actually not the first time we saw this item as it appeared in an earlier listing which I talked about here. Sadly, it does not have the gun…… Continue reading Air Raider Prototype on Ebay!

Don’t Fear the Reaper!

One of my favorite toys is the Man-O-War. How could you not love this massive tank that’s bristling with guns, cannons and all sorts of neat gimmicks like the floating orb sensor and the scout car that launches from below? It’s an amazing vehicle and certainly one-of-a-kind. It always interested me that there wasn’t a…… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Reaper!

An Interview With Former Hasbro Designer David McDonald

David McDonald went to the ArtCenter College of design to study car design. Eventually he ended up as a Senior Industrial Designer working in the Hasbro Boys Department back in the ’80s. His projects included the Inhumanoids, Dinosaucers, COPS, Crash Test Dummies and many others. He started working on Air Raiders after the first year…… Continue reading An Interview With Former Hasbro Designer David McDonald