An Interview With Product Designer Fred Rieber

Fred Rieber was a designer for Hasbro starting back in the ’80s. He was one of the primary product designers that worked on Air Raiders along with Dan Price and he was kind enough to answer some questions on his work. Airlandia: What were your responsibilities? I did a lot of the air-activated concepts, missiles…… Continue reading An Interview With Product Designer Fred Rieber

Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. If you’d like to read the first one, click here. So the last post talked about how Steve Reiss created Air Raiders back when he was the Hasbro Senior Design Director for Boys Toys. Here I will share the actual concept he came…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2

Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

I just some odds and ends notes that I wanted to share about two Product Designers who worked on the toy line. Bill Cooke, designer of the second series Scout Patrol (see here) also mentioned how he helped create the rebel Command Outpost. I design developed and sculpted the mountain in clay then made a…… Continue reading Air Raiders Product Designer Notes