Fast as Lightning!

I finally got around to showing another early Air Raiders vehicle model that showed up on ebay a while back; the original Twin Lightning prototype! From the seller: This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company. It has never been offered for sale before and is being offered here for the…… Continue reading Fast as Lightning!

That Belongs in a Museum!

A huge thank you to balok2, owner of Balok’s Blog, who allowed me to post shots of the phototype Air Raider figures he found on ebay back in ’99. What’s a phototype, you ask? Here’s his description: Air Raiders ‘’photo type” figs. Not prototypes, rather these are pre-production, articulated resin mock ups for use in catalogs, brochure…… Continue reading That Belongs in a Museum!

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Here’s some early Air Raider artwork courtesy of the Facebook Air Raider page. It consists of a bunch of cool drawings and specs for the Twin Lightning rebel aircraft. Most of them look like they were in the final stages of design as it looks pretty much like what ended up on the shelves. Although…… Continue reading Lightning Strikes Twice!

Pre-production Art on Ebay

These are interesting, you get (hopefully) the opportunity to print an unblemished version of this art with no warping or damage. I’m tempted by the battle scenes (obvious) and the Wind Razor because it doesn’t have the box design on it. You can find this artwork all over the internet but at a smaller size…… Continue reading Pre-production Art on Ebay