Women of Airlandia, part 2

This is the followup to an earlier post that had sketches of Eeleta, the daughter of Airlandia’s previous ruler and Kala, the daughter of Emperor Aerozar. Both characters had big roles in Marvel’s short-lived comic series and I assume Eeleta would have shown up in the cartoon based on the illustrations they had. As discussed…… Continue reading Women of Airlandia, part 2

Air Raiders #4 “Orchids for the Baron”

Summary: The comic opens to an Air Lancer (Enforcer) attack on a rural village of air farmers. Apparently they were growing an illegal forest that they harvested their air from. Baron Ee-lon arrives to indulge in his passion for collecting rare plants and flowers, in this case the Red Zephyr Orchid. He sentences some of…… Continue reading Air Raiders #4 “Orchids for the Baron”

Air Raiders #2 “Subterfuge”

Great book, it opens up with a raid on an Air Refinery as the Air Raiders are once again seeking to hijack some air cargo ships. The story introduces Eeleta, daughter of Archion, the ruler that Aerozar deposed. She is smart, capable warrior and she and Rokk have an ulterior plan in addition to the…… Continue reading Air Raiders #2 “Subterfuge”