Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Awesome news, Talyn aka ThePlasticGeek is moving forward on his Galaxy Marauders figures. The original posts can be found here and here. As previously noted, he’s been working on expanding the 2″ Air Raiders figures to a larger size using a hydrospanning technique. We’ve seen pictures of previous attempts of the Air Raiders rebel soldier,…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Galaxy Marauders, Part 2

Thanks to J/Talyn aka ThePlasticGeek for answering some questions on his project, The Galaxy Marauders! Please go here to see what I’m talking about. Airlandia: Can you explain the process of hydrospanning? ThePlasticGeek: Hydrospan is a casting medium that expands in water. So first you need a mold of the thing you want to cast…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 2