Jolt and Aerozar on ebay

Anyone need to get Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt? The paint looks good, doesn’t look like someone played with them too rough although Aerozar’s leg looks a little off. They’re a holy grail for some people and they’re still a good price at $34. I imagine that will shoot up soon. Check it out here.…… Continue reading Jolt and Aerozar on ebay

Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

There’s been an Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay for years now but the price of almost $1000 seemed a little bit too much, especially since the glider was already put together and showed some damage. Another kit was posted recently at a more reasonable price and has the added benefit of not being used…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

Dragonwind Glider DIY

How many of us have bought the Dragonwind off ebay that’s missing several pieces only to realize later that you can probably find some green tubes and missiles but getting that glider is going to be a problem! That’s why I’m adding a template for the Dragonwind Glider. I’ve put up the original instructions, a…… Continue reading Dragonwind Glider DIY

An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part Two

Continuing the interview from this post. Airlandia: Did you have the same team working on the second series or did any designers move on to other toylines? Price: I think it was basically the same team of designers, but it wasn’t uncommon for one designer to work on multiple lines. Airlandia: A fellow fan discovered…… Continue reading An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part Two

Air Raiders Survival Kit

In 1987, Hasbro had an offer for kids; get your $6.00 (and $1.50 in shipping) together along with your parent’s signatures and YOU can be the proud owner of the Air Raiders Survival Kit! The Survival Kit came with two special figures (Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt), a map of the planet Airlandia, a glider,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit