Air Raiders Fan Art — The Thundacloud

Next up in the continuing series of fan art and commissions for old Air Raiders sketches and concepts is a new rendering of the Thundacloud. The Thundacloud was one of the original vehicles that Steve Reiss (the toy line creator) came up with in his Air Raiders pitch to Hasbro managament. For those of who…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art — The Thundacloud

Return of the Wind Reaper

It’s been fun to come across old sketches, prototypes and and other special stuff related to the Air Raiders. Sometimes though, it leaves me wanting more. In this case, I’m talking about the Wind Reaper, the Tyrant’s answer to the Man-O-War. Now, replicant01 and I have already done some art commissions (here and here and…… Continue reading Return of the Wind Reaper

Second Series Art Commission, Part 2

A little while ago, replicant01 and I commissioned pino44io to do some art for the squad officers from the unreleased second series (earlier blog post can be found here). For simplicity sake, I named them after mythical gods of wind to make it to work on the project. Here are the final pieces of art although…… Continue reading Second Series Art Commission, Part 2

Second Series Art Commission

I was super excited by the discovery of the canceled second series of Air Raiders toys (discussed here). So much so that replicant01 and I decided to commission some art for the squad officers found in that picture. We had already commissioned some art for the Lords of Wind, the five tyrannical rulers of Airlandia…… Continue reading Second Series Art Commission