1988 Air Raiders Figure-Corus

When writing the previous post here, I realized I never put up pictures of one of the few figures we’ve seen of the canceled 1988 figures. One of the new rebel officers, he was luckily bought by fellow fan replicant01. I remember seeing him come up in an ebay post, mixed in with other figures…… Continue reading 1988 Air Raiders Figure-Corus

Canceled Air Raiders Toys from 1988

Hey folks, some exciting stuff to share. For those of you who don’t know, Air Raiders was released in 1987 and there was a planned followup of new toys that was scheduled for 1988. The toys were designed and built and a pre-Toyfair catalog was released in 1988. However, due to sales and other factors,…… Continue reading Canceled Air Raiders Toys from 1988

Air Raiders Fan Art — The Power Axe

Replicant01 and I have been commissioning some fan art for several Air Raider vehicles.  The first series of art that I’m posting is the Power Axe, a vehicle that reminds me of a smaller, faster Man-O-War. Bristling with weapons, the Power Axe also has some close-combat blades for chopping up Tyrant vehicles. The Power Axe…… Continue reading Air Raiders Fan Art — The Power Axe

Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype

I came across a Facebook page run by Bill Cooke, a former Product Designer for Hasbro. He had a few comments dedicated to the Air Raiders, including this interesting post: Does anyone remember Air Raiders made by Hasbro? I design developed and made this working model in the late 80’s while at Hasbro in the…… Continue reading Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype

Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

  So there’s been quite a few prototypes posted on ebay lately. We’ve already seen an Enforcer as well as pilots for the Twin Lightning and Hawkwind. Up next is another figure but this one is pretty exciting. It’s a soldier from the second series of canceled Air Raider toys, one of the new Enforcer…… Continue reading Air Raider Prototype Figure, Part 3

Air Raiders Prototype Figure on ebay

Yep, another prototype is up on ebay. And it’s pretty neat! One of the early “phototype” figures that was used in the first catalog pictures is for sale. I’m curious how quickly they knocked these out. It still looks fantastic but it has a rougher quality to it, plus it has metal pegs to hold…… Continue reading Air Raiders Prototype Figure on ebay

The Air Refinery

The evil emperor controls the air! He uses his immense power to enslave the people of Airlandia and only his government-sanctioned air refinery is allowed to produce breathable and galvanized air. To sustain his power, this heavily armed-armed fortress is disguised as a giant rock formation and equipped with a devastating array of high-tech weapons.…… Continue reading The Air Refinery