Origins of Air Raiders, Part 4

This is another post on the origins of our favorite toy series. Here are previous installments: Origins of Air Raiders, Part 1 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 2 Origins of Air Raiders, Part 3 Last post saw us go over the original background story for the Air Raiders (or Air Masters) in the Pacific Ocean.…… Continue reading Origins of Air Raiders, Part 4

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Here’s some early Air Raider artwork courtesy of the Facebook Air Raider page. It consists of a bunch of cool drawings and specs for the Twin Lightning rebel aircraft. Most of them look like they were in the final stages of design as it looks pretty much like what ended up on the shelves. Although…… Continue reading Lightning Strikes Twice!

Wind Razor Prototype

I stumbled across this the other day; an ebay listing for a Wind Razor prototype that must have posted with the Command Outpost prototype and artwork sets. Someone bought this really fast and for $500 too! Description: This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company. It has never been offered for…… Continue reading Wind Razor Prototype