Jolt and Aerozar on ebay

Anyone need to get Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt? The paint looks good, doesn’t look like someone played with them too rough although Aerozar’s leg looks a little off. They’re a holy grail for some people and they’re still a good price at $34. I imagine that will shoot up soon. Check it out here.…… Continue reading Jolt and Aerozar on ebay

Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

There’s been an Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay for years now but the price of almost $1000 seemed a little bit too much, especially since the glider was already put together and showed some damage. Another kit was posted recently at a more reasonable price and has the added benefit of not being used…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

There was a recent post about some Warlords of Wor/Glyos figures that a toy enthusiast had painted to look like Air Raiders (see here). Warlords of Wor is a line of 3″ action figures that are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. Glyos figures have a peg & socket joint system that makes them…… Continue reading Air Raiders of Wor, Part 2

Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 3

Big thanks to airraiders1987 (from the Air Raiders fan site that actually inspired this site) for sharing this promo art for the Air Raiders cartoon that he received from a former worker associated with the production. Their email said: “Came across your site and it jarred loose a memory or two. In the late 80’s,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Cartoon, Part 3

Air Raiders Survival Kit

In 1987, Hasbro had an offer for kids; get your $6.00 (and $1.50 in shipping) together along with your parent’s signatures and YOU can be the proud owner of the Air Raiders Survival Kit! The Survival Kit came with two special figures (Emperor Aerozar and Baron Jolt), a map of the planet Airlandia, a glider,…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit

Lords of Wind: Aerozar, Sunder and Jolt

As mentioned in an earlier post, replicant01 and I decided to commission some art of the five Lords of Wind, the evil antagonists of the rebel Air Raiders. The first three we did were Emperor Aerozar (of course!), Baron Jolt and Sunder. I already put up the rough pencil sketches and color proofs. Here is…… Continue reading Lords of Wind: Aerozar, Sunder and Jolt

The Lords of the Winds

I love Air Raiders but one of my big regrets is the lack of artwork. There’s the wonderful box art, some poster illustrations and the great box insert pages but that’s about it. Unfortunately the toys didn’t last long enough to expand into lunch boxes, puzzles, magnets and other merchandise that would have required a… Continue reading The Lords of the Winds

Air Raiders #1 “Sins of the Father”

Swashbuckling super-action on a far-out fantasy filled world! This is the first installment of my reviews for the 5 issues that were created. I’m going to be upfront at the beginning, I love these comics. Written by Howard Mackie and drawn by Kelley Jones, these books have that old-fashioned feel to them, reminding me of…… Continue reading Air Raiders #1 “Sins of the Father”

The Air Refinery

The evil emperor controls the air! He uses his immense power to enslave the people of Airlandia and only his government-sanctioned air refinery is allowed to produce breathable and galvanized air. To sustain his power, this heavily armed-armed fortress is disguised as a giant rock formation and equipped with a devastating array of high-tech weapons.…… Continue reading The Air Refinery