Air Raiders Original Art and Map

Over the years I’ve spoken with many of the designers and artists who worked on the Air Raiders toys. The general consensus has been that most or all of the original art for the design, packaging and inserts were probably thrown out. Well, good news, I was contacted by a former employee who had saved…… Continue reading Air Raiders Original Art and Map

Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

There’s been an Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay for years now but the price of almost $1000 seemed a little bit too much, especially since the glider was already put together and showed some damage. Another kit was posted recently at a more reasonable price and has the added benefit of not being used…… Continue reading Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

Air Raiders Inspiration

Every once in a while I run across a talented artist whose work could really mesh well for some Air Raiders-style artwork. Pascal Blanche does a wonderful job creating these exotic landscapes with lots of cosmic dust and bright stars. His vehicle design is really interesting too, I love that submarine spaceship. Anyways, I hoped…… Continue reading Air Raiders Inspiration

Transformers and Air Raiders

When Bludgeon reactivates the monster Trypticon and threatens the unborn lives of the next generation of Cybertronians, the Dinobots join forces with Sandstorm for one last ride. A short post here but a fun nod to the greater Hasbro universe. In 2017, IDW publishing created a limited series of comics (The Transformers: Redemption of the…… Continue reading Transformers and Air Raiders

The Rise of Aerozar

Some thoughts on the history of the Airlandia; it was once a peaceful empire that spanned the globe until a passing comet threw the world and it’s people into chaos. The passage of the comet caused the planet to lose most of it’s atmosphere and to be thrown off it’s axis. The resulting environmental disasters…… Continue reading The Rise of Aerozar

Air Raider Scripts and Notes

The same auction site had a few other lots that a series of scripts, internal notes and a “bible” for the writers and developers who were working on a three-part Air Raiders mini-series (sigh…). Here are some of the details as described: Air Raiders Cartoon Summaries, Scripts, and Internal Notes Group (Sunbow Productions, Inc., 1986-87). Ron Friedman’s typescript…… Continue reading Air Raider Scripts and Notes