Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype, Part 2

Greetings fellow Air Raiders fans, A while back I posted a picture of the Scout Patrol prototype(see here), a Tyrant of Wind playset that was part of the canceled 1988 line. The set was designed and built by Bill Cooke who was part of the R&D department. Well, I spoke with Mr. Cooke recently and…… Continue reading Tyrants of Wind Scout Patrol Prototype, Part 2

Battle Squad Soldier Custom

Hey folks, here’s a fun post to share. I love seeing Air Raiders fans create new art, customs and other fun stuff and Kier’s Customs is definitely working on something awesome! Kier’s Customs: Progress picture of my Glyos compatible 3&3/4 inch Air Raider rebel. Thank you for all of the support. This one is a…… Continue reading Battle Squad Soldier Custom

Storm Dagger Prototype!

A while back, we had a post showing recent ebay listings of Air Raider vehicles. Each vehicle had various pieces with different plastic colors. The seller, a former Hasbro employee, said the different plastics were made for salesman to use on the road or were older prototypes that just simply switched colors.We also saw an…… Continue reading Storm Dagger Prototype!

Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Awesome news, Talyn aka ThePlasticGeek is moving forward on his Galaxy Marauders figures. The original posts can be found here and here. As previously noted, he’s been working on expanding the 2″ Air Raiders figures to a larger size using a hydrospanning technique. We’ve seen pictures of previous attempts of the Air Raiders rebel soldier,…… Continue reading Galaxy Marauders, Part 3

Air Raiders Factory Tests

Big thanks to replicant01 who noticed some interesting details on an ebay auction recently. A seller by the name of stuff_4_a_steal had a lot of Air Raider vehicles, some with their original boxes. Included in that lot were three of the Battle Chargers, the Wind Razor, the Wind Seeker and the Thunderclaw. The Wind Razor…… Continue reading Air Raiders Factory Tests

General Stag — Air Raiders Figure Prototype

So I managed to obtain an amazing piece of Air Raiders history from a former Hasbro worker, and I just thought I’d share with everyone. It turns out that besides the prototypes to the current Air Raiders figures that we all know and love, there were also even earlier ones as well! We actually touched…… Continue reading General Stag — Air Raiders Figure Prototype

Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

I just some odds and ends notes that I wanted to share about two Product Designers who worked on the toy line. Bill Cooke, designer of the second series Scout Patrol (see here) also mentioned how he helped create the rebel Command Outpost. I design developed and sculpted the mountain in clay then made a…… Continue reading Air Raiders Product Designer Notes

An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part One

Dan Price was a designer for Hasbro starting back in the ’80s. He worked on several lines besides Air Raiders including Tonka and WWF wrestling figures. He went from a Product Designer all the way up to Vice President of Design during his time at Hasbro. I’m very grateful to him for sitting down to…… Continue reading An Interview With Product Designer Dan Price, Part One