Wind Seeker Proof Sheet, Part 2

I recently joined a Facebook site called Prepro that helps former Hasbro employees sell items that were part of the pre-production process. There are a range of toys, sketches, prototypes and other things posted that include brands like Transformers, GI Joe, WWE, and a bunch of others.

They recently posted several items that I was very interested in. These include two proof sheets for the box art for the Wind Seeker and the Man-O-War. Proof sheets are packaging samples that the printer sends to the manufacturer (Hasbro) for approval before production begins. The Wind Seeker proof sheet has the art done by Doug Hart and looks like the final production box art. A similar proof sheet was up for sale on ebay not too long ago. The other piece is the Man-o-War with art done by Paul Alexander. It lacks the color bars used to track color variations and doesn’t have all sides as the Wind Seeker piece does but it does have a printer’s mark used for alignment down the left side. My guess is that it was too big to fit on one sheet.



Both of these items will probably go up for sale soon so if you’re interested, head on over to Prepro! Big thanks to PrePro for allowing me to post these pictures

Enjoy and please support us on Facebook and Twitter!

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